Welcome to Graces Poodle Home

We thought we knew what a great dog was with our former dachshunds but we were totally amazed how wonderful the Standard Poodle adapted to our family with their mild temperament, style and human-like personalities. 
Whether it's laying around on the couch or playing hide and seek, they enlighten us in every way. We absolutely love the Standard Poodle breed and if you give them a look, so will you. Best of all no hair in your house, food, laundry etc. wow... I know!

Thanks for inquiring about our quality AKC Standard Poodles Puppies and who we are . We are a family of five who live in a 4000 sq foot home located in the foothills of the Adirondack's in Upstate/Central New York. We take our Standard Poodle breeding seriously, and try to offer quality puppies for families everywhere. We breed Standards for the love of the breed itself with an understanding to better the breed for future generations. We are always trying to improve what we have, and want to offer the best standard poodles in New York. All of our dogs live in our home, lay on our furniture, and even sometimes sleep with our children who need a sleeping buddy. We hope to be able to offer you a beautiful Standard Poodle for you and your family to cherish and bring love and joy to your home as well. 

The Best of the Standard Poodle
 A quality Standard Poodle will have great looks, calm disposition, strong conformation, intelligent personality, patience, and a desire to please. They are completely non- shedding, almost odor free, love the water and like to play hard. They can be quiet, however and make wonderful watch dogs for your family. They will sleep all day if you let them. Standard Poodles are not to be confused with the toys or miniatures, they are in a class of their own.

We are a breeder of quality Standard , Miniature and Toy size poodles with genetic testing complete on our parents. We focus on health , temperament, and conformation. We have a passion for helping prepare Standard Poodles and their new owners in a big way for a happy future together. We will always keep our dogs out of kennels and be sure to continue health and temperament testing as our first and most important goal when breeding our dogs. We love the different colors.... the reds, apricots, chocolate's and blacks. Then there's the grooming, you can give them their own special haircut just like a kid! 
 Please explore the web sites tabs above, they are designed to help you explore and find a perfect poodle for you and your family.

 Our standard poodles have gone to homes in Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Texas, Georgia, Vermont, Washington DC, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Canada. We can ship our Standard Poodles to you anywhere in the United States or abroad. We specialize in Red standard poodles and Chocolate standard poodles and also have Black Standard poodles as well as White standard poodles.